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I am now doing a Senior Researcher at the Technion, with Shie Mannor.

I was previously (October 2011, January 2013) at  University of Leoben, with Peter Auer, within the 4-year European project COMPLACS.


I did my PhD in Computer Science and Mathematics at Université of Lille 1.

My adviser was Remi Munos (SequeL, INRIA, Lille) and my co-adviser was Philippe Berthet (LSP, IMT, Toulouse).



Here is my curriculum vitae

Here is my Ph.D. dissertation.

Here are my (quite old) M1 report in Mathematics, and M1 report in Computer Science.


There are surely  much more interesting pages than this blog on the web. Try for instance [random].






We have little opportunity, in the academic world, to express one's feelings, philosophy of life, or enthousiasm about knowledge. We communicate only via research articles and are reduced to disambodied metrics that convey only a partial aspect of what we are. I believe this is sad and counter-productive. As every creative person, we, researchers, have a rich and complex personality that takes time to understand and appreciate.

Let me just give you a glimpse about me, the guy behind the articles, through the following hopefully not-too-arrogant quotes:


"You should act in life in such a way that every person you meet
wants to remember you and include you in the mere definition of its own existence.


 This may be about true love, and true good. Note that making somebody part of your own definition goes far beyond acknowledging somebody, it gives her/him a bit of eternity, an existence beyond its body, it makes him/her a kind of divinity. Thus you should also be infinitely grateful to the persons whom you modified the existence in this way.



"Gaze at stars."

 Because this is the philosophy of mens in south pacific.
 Because it makes you realize how tiny you are, and how lucky and unique you are, to have the opportunity to see how wonderful is the universe,  to exist and have appeared precisely here and at this time.
 Because it gives you a destiny, a responsability as a human being, to act wisely in this tiny life and focus on what really matters.
 Because you can never feel lonely under the stars.
 Because it gives you hope that you can achieve a high-destiny, and strength in difficult situations.

"Et pourquoi pas ? (And why not?)".

 This is what Rene Jouannetaud, my great-father, used to say. This is today one of my moto. He decided one day to start planting trees. And he planted no less than 30,000 trees in his life. He was not only extraordinary wise,  but curious about everything, and deeply connected to the Earth, and Nature. He crafted my first dowser stick, and showed me how to use it. There is nothing like the deep connection you experience when you feel the stick turning in your hand on its own, and testing several times untill you realize you have found the underground river that passes through the village. I feel more than lucky to have known him. I naturally crafted his last stick when he returned to the earth.



"      ...      "

  Because I do not consider I am so important as to give you advices. You are smart and strong enough to find your own way, to have your own philosophy your own belief and answers about the world, without needing anybody to tell you what to think, ever. It would be moreover offensive to the divinity inside you.

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