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January 16 2011 1 16 /01 /January /2011 11:06

This page is dedicated to start discussions about the article "LSTD with Random Projections".
Feel free to post any comment, sugggestion, question, correction, extension... I will enjoy discussing this with you. 

  • Abstract:

"We consider the problem of reinforcement learning in high-dimensional spaces when the number of features is bigger than the number of samples. In particular, we study the least-squares temporal difference (LSTD) learning algorithm when a space of low dimension is generated with a random projection from a highdimensional space. We provide a thorough theoretical analysis of the LSTD with random projections and derive performance bounds for the resulting algorithm. We also show how the error of LSTD with random projections is propagated through the iterations of a policy iteration algorithm and provide a performance bound for the resulting least-squares policy iteration (LSPI) algorithm."

  • Discussion:

It would be interesting to build equivalent analysis using alternative methods like l1 and l2 regularization algorithms.

  • Future work: 

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Published by Odalric-Ambrym Maillard - in Discussing articles
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